Beyond AI: Criminals Don’t Follow Rules… Neither Should You.

October 3-5, 2018 - Las Vegas, NV @ Booth #219

Financial institutions have struggled with their obsolete rules-based systems for years. The newer trends - Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies – offer a lot of benefits but are also surrounded by a lot of hype.

How do you separate AI hype from reality on the way to an efficient AML strategy? 

Join ThetaRay at the ACAMS Conference in Vegas at Booth #219 to understand what Intuitive Intelligence is and how it helps improve AML programs. We will show you how leading global financial institutions operationalized Intuitive Intelligence to tackle their money-laundering problems.

With our live demo, you will learn how to achieve:

  • DETECTION of unknown money laundering schemes missed by other systems
  • INCREASED ACCURACY rates – by 4X
  • DECREASED false positives – by 35%+
  • NO “BLACK BOX” approach – full detection transparency with advanced forensics
  • EXPLAINABILITY – exact understanding of why an event was flagged as suspicious
  • IMPROVED regulatory compliance