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Lior David
Lior David UK Regional Manager
Nitzan Mazor 1
Nitzan Mazor UK Regional Manager
Dan Hazan
Dan Hazan AML Market Lead
Eytan Morgenstern
Eytan Morgenstern Marketing Manager

About ThetaRay

ThetaRay is transforming the way financial institutions and payment service providers (PSPs) benefit from data with an AI-based SaaS transaction monitoring solution.

The growing volume of global money transfers, including online and app-based payments, requires banks and PSPs to deploy sophisticated solutions to identify financial crimes, including money laundering, fraud, and terrorist financing.

Our full-stack solution deploys big data expertise and proprietary algorithm science to deliver the best of machine learning along with unbiased use of rules, maximizing efficiency to find anomalies with virtually no false positives.

As a result, banks and PSPs can optimize transaction monitoring operations for cross-border payments and domestic payments and meet regulatory AML compliance, while reducing risk and growing high-value business.


ThetaRay's Key Features and Benefits

At ThetaRay, we offer various key features and benefits: our advanced AI-driven solutions for AML transaction monitoring and screening significantly enhance the integrity and trust in financial transactions, both domestically and globally.

Our patented algorithms enable rapid, precise anomaly detection, fostering business growth and expansion in challenging markets. We deliver remarkable efficiency, reducing investigation times by over 50% and false positives by 90% while ensuring comprehensive risk coverage and compliance with global regulations.

Our innovative data analysis and risk-based approach enhance investigation efficacy, providing robust, scalable security essential in today's fast-evolving financial landscape.

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